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Vented Air Force Open (Machine Films)

Steelflex Airforce Open Films offer breathable load containment with power bands that offer incredible strength and stabilization. Steelflex Airforce Open Films are ideal for chilled or frozen products. Dairy products, ice cream, floral, meat, fish, and frozen snacks are excellent applications.

Features & Benefits

Reduced load cost

Lower environmental impact

Ultra high performance film

100% recyclable

Ultra high clarity

Premium puncture resistance

Remarkable load retention


Item # Size Type Rolls/Plt
APFV205000OH 20” X 5000 Open 40
APFV207500OH 20” X 7500 Open 40
APFV305000OH 30” X 5000 Open 20
APFV307500OH 30” X 7500 Open 20
APFV201000OH 20” X 10000 Open 20
APFV301000OH 30” X 10000 Open 20

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