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Steelflex Titanium utilizes the patent pending Power Bands. Extreme force will be applied to loads to contain heavy, awkward, and hard to wrap pallets. Excellent for replacing heavy gauge film and film reduction. If Steelflex Titanium can’t wrap it, it can’t be wrapped at all! Steelflex Titanium is available in three different strengths: 80, 100, and 150.

Features & Benefits

Eliminate film breaks

Crystal clear optics

Ultra-high performance film

Unmatched load containment

Reduce film usage

Controls the toughest loads

Item # Size Type Rolls/Skid
APST2080 20 X 80T X 5000’ T80 40
APST3080 30 X 80T X 5000’ T80 20
APST20100 20 X 100T X 4000’ T100 40
APST30100 30 X 100T X 4000’ T100 20
APST20150 20 X 150T X 3250’ T150 40
APST30150 30 X 150T X 3250’ T150 20

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